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Six Month Industrial/Summer Training We, DeepTech Automation System one of the leading Industrial Automation Training Institute providing hands on Practical Training in Advanced Industrial Automation with "State of Art Technical Lab Facilities. PLC,SCADA,HMI,VFD,DCS,AUTO CAD,Panel Designing,Instrumentation with Latest Hardware & Software;
PLC Training
SCADA Training
HMI Training
VFD Training
DCS Training
Auto CAD Training
Panel Designing Training
Instrumentation Training
Interview & HR
Starts Every Monday &Thursday
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DeepTech provides the Summer/Industrial Training For Engineering Student.

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller
Introduction to Automation & Tools of Automation
Introduction & Various application of PLC
Hardware & Architecture
Wiring different field devices to PLC
PLC Programming software
Selection Criteria of PLC according to application
Introduction to field device (Input/output)
Ladder diagrams
Upload & Download
Fault finding & Trouble shooting
Types of I/P, O/P signal
Types of PLC (Classification)
Communication of SCADA
Source sink Concept of PLC
Detail information about Local I/O’s and Remote I/O’s
Some terminology used in PLC (Scan time, Scan cycle, Redundancy, Response time)
Types of programming language
Hands on practical (LD/FBD)
Addressing format
NO/NC concept
Troubleshooting and fault diagnostic of PLC
Hands on experience on writing program also wiring connection with PLC for Analog I/P
SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
• Introduction to SCADA
• Making new Project
• Classification of SCADA
• Features of SCADA
• Difference between SCADA & HMI
• Making & Editing new graphic display
• Attaching controls to graphic objects
• Real time & Historical Trends
• Using alarms and Events
• Application of scripts
• Communication with PLC
• Communication with MS-Excel
• Net DDE Communication
• Fault finding & Troubleshooting
• Recipe management Security
HMI: Human Machine Interface
• Making Applications
• Download & Upload the Programs
• Creating Alarm Messages
• Communication with PLC
• Fault Finding & Trouble shooting
VFD: Variable Speed Drive & Motor
• Introduction
• AC Motors : Operation & Limitation
• Starters : DOL, Star Delta ,Auto Transformer
• Drive Selection
• Parameter Programming
• Design of Drive Control Panel
• Communication with PLC
• Communication with SCADA
• Fault finding & trouble shooting
• Soft Starters
• 2D Designing
• Electrical Panel Designing
Panel Designing
• Introduction to Panel Designing
• Introduction to Switch Gear & Accessories
• Control & Power Drawings
• General Protections
• Load Management: Connected &
• Running Indications: Ammeter, Volt Meter, PF & KW etc.
• Preparation of general arrangements
• Electrical Protection
• Power & Control Circuits
• Wiring Guidelines
• Live Panel Designing
Process & Field Instrumentation
• Transmitters
• Sensors
• Temperature Measurements
• Flow Measurements
• Pressure Measurements
• Load Measurements
• Level Measurements
• Valves
• Different type of transducer
• Instruments Transformers
• Process Control Basics
DCS: Distributed Control System
• Applications
• Hardware
• Difference Between DCS & PLC
• Industrial Overview
Interview & HR Training
• Industry Outlook
• Resume Making
• Job Searching
• Interview Facing
• Technical Interview
• HR Interview
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